Monthly Archives: March 2014

Ann Goodnight collects art and North Carolina benefits

by Catherine Kimrey Breeden photographs of Ann Goodnight by Nick Pironio At first glance, Ann Goodnight could be mistaken for any elegant woman seated fireside in the Umstead Hotel’s art-filled lobby on a wintry day. But as she settles in for…

Building a bridge to Broadway: NC Theatre enters its fourth decade

by Andrew Kenney photograph by Travis Long Saturday night at Raleigh Memorial Auditorium in the 30th season of North Carolina Theatre is a formal affair. Heels and dress shoes click down Fayetteville Street toward the tall columns and glass walls of the theater….

Chefs and restaurateurs cook at home

by Kaitlyn Goalen photographs by Geoff Wood When it comes to cooking, even the most passionate and enthusiastic home cooks fall victim to overcooked steaks, school lunch ennui, spilled bottles of olive oil, and an embarrassing reliance on the delivery guy. In…


by Liza Roberts photographs by  Nick Pironio Donna and Jim Belt believe in wabi-sabi, a Japanese concept of beauty that celebrates imperfection. When the former Tokyo residents moved into a downtown Raleigh condo, they combined earthiness with refinement, symmetry with…