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Hometown heroes: The World Series champs next door

by Cam Higgins “Should I use the autograph I’ve been practicing, or just sign my normal name?”  Few 13-year-olds get the chance to ask their coach that question, but then again, Dante Defranco and his fellow players on the West…

Inner strength

by Charman Driver What a fantastic year of fun and fitness adventures I’ve had with Walter. I’ve run, kicked, jumped, stretched, melted, boxed, danced, climbed – even joined the circus! People often ask me how I maintain the discipline and…

A Boy and his Dog

by Charles Upchurch photographs by Geoff Wood Field trial champion Robert Vaughan, 18, has hunted since he was 9 years old. “The first time I went quail hunting, in the fourth or fifth grade, I remember two English pointers getting…

Greg Jones: The rockin rev

by Dean King Put an ear to a window of St. Michael’s Episcopal Church a little shy of midnight on a random Wednesday or Thursday night, and you might just hear music. Not sacred music, but roof-raising rock ’n’ roll….