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Sharing music: Bett Padgett’s open house keeps it alive

by Liza Roberts photographs by Mark Petko As Bett Padgett welcomes yet another stranger into her Raleigh home on this bright-green evening, she’s doing something she considers vital: Sharing music. Tonight, she’s sharing it with about 90 people who have…

Kazem Yahyapour: Health, joy, and community through running

by Amber Nimocks photographs by Robert Willett Kazem Yahyapour,58, started running to keep his heart beating. He kept running because it feeds his soul. Yahyapour was 48 when he had a heart attack, five years younger than his father had…

Moving in 360˚: Gyrotonic

by Charman Driver photograph by Mark Petko “Move as if your body is seaweed, and water is washing over you,” says Chelsea Jones. I close my eyes and imagine what it looks (and feels) like to move like washed-over-seaweed.  Here…

Colin Clarke’s world-class soccer

by Lewis Beale photographs by Geoff Wood Colin Clarke is used to thinking big. This is no huge surprise, since the coach of the Carolina RailHawks has played in England’s first division, and for Northern Ireland in the World Cup….