Silver Screen

courtesy Alamo Drafthouse

Interactive theater concept opens downtown

by Catherine Currin

Alamo Drafthouse is upping the date night ante. “The concept of Alamo is dinner, drinks, movies, and events all under one roof,” says creative manager Kristy Breneman. Raleigh’s Alamo opens on New Bern Avenue this month, and it’s the first North Carolina outpost of the Austin, Texas-based brand. You can stop in for a cocktail, see a feature film, or even rent a VHS from the Video Vortex rental shop. (If your VCR is long gone, those are for rent, too.)

When it comes to showtime snacks, the menu doesn’t stop at popcorn and candy: there are heartier options, from almost 60 local draft beers to creative pizzas and salads. If you see a movie, the tenet at all of Alamo’s 29 locations is a strict no-texting-and-no-talking policy during the film – one warning and you’re out, prefaced by on-screen PSAs from various celebrities. However, Breneman says that they’ll host select interactive and rowdy screenings if you want to express yourself. There are also sensory-friendly screenings for young families and guests with special needs every day before 2 p.m. Other events include champagne cinemas, afternoon tea, and throwback screenings. There’s something for everyone at this approachable, quirky entertainment hub.