Category: People

Turning the Stone at Dorothea Dix Park

Three 1920s-era stone cottages at the main entrance to Dix Park begin their next era as a visitors center and community spaces.

To Be Frank

Frank Harmon’s longstanding Saturday-morning tradition of coffee in the garden is an opportunity to chat and connect with longtime friends

The Magic of Mahjong

This parlor game with Chinese origins combines luck and strategy — but it’s the connection between players that’s the real draw 

The Late Drive Home

Songwriter David Childers, a Mount Holly native and former lawyer, opens up about life on the road as a musician — and returning home.

Sweet Memories: A Journey to Adulthood

Longtime North Carolina poet Stephen E. Smith’s new memoir, The Year We Danced, recounts his eye-opening freshman year at Elon College.

Free Moms at NC State

This quirky nonprofit group born in Raleigh offers joyful moments and parental support to college students each Thursday.