Category: Noted

July 2024 Poem: The Cardinal

On a beautiful spring day, a writer captures the feeling as she connects with a brilliant cardinal hopping nearby.

The Belle of Star City

A dreaded visit with the writer’s great-aunt turns out to be an education in culture — and a lesson in heartbreak.

Primitive Playgrounds

For kids in the 1980s in Raleigh, play structures were pretty basic. But, this writer asks, were they really missing anything?

June Poem: Wishing

This poem touches on some of the challenges in society, and what we wish we could do instead.

Sweet Memories: A Journey to Adulthood

Longtime North Carolina poet Stephen E. Smith’s new memoir, The Year We Danced, recounts his eye-opening freshman year at Elon College.

The Poor Man’s Guide to Domestic Bliss

This columnist finds that even unconditional love has its own set of conditions — Recurring Refrigerator Blindness Syndrome among them.

May Poem: After the trout lilies

This poem calls on us to notice spring delights like flowers, grass and mushrooms — and invites us to love the natural world.

Moonbeam by Jessie Rumbley

The sudden, early arrival of her second child launches this mother into a profoundly hard season of life — but also brings joy and gratitude.

April 2024 Poem: Ibis of Guyana

This poem parallels a mother bird building a nest and a parent raising a child before each sends their young off into the world.

Simple Life: An Ever Changing Garden

When a giant old oak tree has to come down, this writer reflects on how his yard and approach to gardening have changed over the decades.