Category: Noted

Simple Life: Squirelly Business

A seedy family of rodents that‘s constantly attacking Jim Dodson’s bird feeder drives him nuts — so he takes action.

Rainy Daze in Beaufort

What to do when a thunderstorm threatens to ruin a summer vacation weekend at the beach? Grab the rain jackets and go…

Split by Valerie Nieman

A Rockingham county writer shares this short fiction story about a women who finds herself in a curious house with a mind of its own.

Sugar & Salt by Brendan Slocumb

In this work of fiction, a man is forced into a suspicious road trip with a friend and has to come up with an exit plan.

One More Game: The Lure of Pickleball  

A pickleball enthusiast digs deep into his enthusiasm for the popular sport — and finds that what it really delivers is a sense of community.

Simple Life: Let There Be Darkness 

A trip abroad reminds this writer’s of the night sky — and that the trees and songbirds in his yard back home are worth preserving.

Hot Heat

There is no reprieve from the boiling cauldron of humidity that surrounds you in the Carolina summer. You must become one with it.

The Wish Book’s Final Chapter

Saying a fond farewell to Sears’ last North Carolina store, where this writer got his first bike and ogled mannequins.

A Welcome Home in Liberation Station

By founding North Carolina’s first Black-owned children’s bookstore, Victoria Scott Miller creates a safe space for personal discovery

“I Can’t Give Up” by Ed Mitchell

This introduction to the cookbook Ed Mitchell’s Barbeque explains how the pitmaster got into the business and how it came to shape his life.

June 2023 Poem: this i know for sure 

In this poem, North Carolina Poet Laureate Jaki Shelton Green writes about the joy of Juneteenth and the horror that came before it.