Barbara H. Curtis Center Celebration

Only 2,000 days separate a child’s birth and the first day of kindergarten. So much happens in that time, and so much depends on it. That’s why DHIC and Methodist Home for Children have partnered to open the Barbara H. Curtis Center in the heart of the redeveloped Washington Terrace community. Opening in September, the center’s blended classrooms bring together children with typical development, special needs and diverse family backgrounds—all in a safe and loving environment that teaches self-discipline, problem solving, and empathy. On August 13, supporters gathered to celebrate the center’s opening.

photography by Marc Ridel

Barbara H. Curtis Center

Don Curtis, Donna McClatchey, Billy McClatchey, Sarah Curtis McClatchey, Will McClatchey, Abigail McClatchey

Tracy Vinson, Halie Sue Clifton, Jackie Abbott, Casey Parvin, Lora Tripp

Sawako Bush, Kaitlyn Wrenn, Lolita Jackson

Katie Clayton, Lolita Jackson

Katherine Hutchens

Jarod Cohen, Charlecia Williams

Don Curtis, Bruce Stanley

Detrick Clark, Katherine Hutchens