Chamber Music Raleigh

Courtesy Sybarite5 Website

Chamber Music Raleigh is branching out. Fresh off of securing a permanent venue at the N.C. Museum of Art, the local chamber music presenter recently announced its new season with shows for aficionados, for children, and for most people in between.

The company brings professional musicians from across the country together to perform concerts, and previously each show took place at a different Raleigh venue. Partnering with NCMA has allowed executive director Jackson Cooper to think creatively about the performances, he says. “This upcoming season is all about coming home and cherishing North Carolina.” In that vein, the company will still present at a few choice local venues, namely at Marbles Kids Museum and N.C. State’s campus. Back at the museum, Chamber Music Raleigh’s lineup includes a few spunky offerings, including an immersive concert experience where audience members pick the next piece from a “menu” of songs. “I hope this can expand the way people experience music.” 
—Catherine Currin

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