Dogs at work

photographs by Juli Leonard

Bringing your dog to work can have major benefits. Canine companions make for more than good company – they lower stress levels, boost productivity, and increase camaraderie. Studies prove it’s true. At Walter, we know this first hand: On any given day there are two to three hounds in our midst.

We asked photographer Juli Leonard to find more dogs in shops and offices around Raleigh. Turns out they’re everywhere, from art galleries to hair salons and plenty of spots in between. Leonard’s dog-loving, artistic eye also found that these working dogs offer more than good vibes. They also bring their own distinct personalities. 


Black labrador retriever Duke is at Autobahn Automotive almost every day with Robert and Erin Drake. He can usually be found looking out the window of the garage’s lobby.


Otis, an Aussie Jack, yawns from the window of design wholesaler Rena Earnhardt’s truck. He often accompanies her on sales trips across the state.


Walter, a Maltipoo owned by Patrick Casey, is Green Front Interiors & Rugs’ official model for print ads. 


Rowdy, a standard Schnauzer, goes with Jamie Meares to her Furbish Studio shop on West Street.


Carlos, Jenn King’s rescue dog, loves going to work with her at Seaboard Wine Warehouse. His pal Gruner, Seaboard Wine owner Doug Diesing’s shelter dog, is also a regular.


Stylist Traci Farmer’s golden retriever, Walter,
often rests nearby as she works at her Crazy Combs salon on Person Street. Farmer says Walter’s calm demeanor is therapeutic to her clients.


Lee Hansley’s border collie Sir Walter, who goes by “Raleigh,” accompanies Hansley at his self-named art gallery on Glenwood Avenue.


Stacey, a Labrador mix shelter dog, plants herself by the desk of Sageworks chairman and co-founder Brian Hamilton. She goes to work with him every day and even attends company meetings.


Liz Johnson, owner of Revolver Consignment Boutique, got her Labradoodle Rigsbee a week before she opened her shop nine years ago. He often greets customers on the stairs to the shop when he’s not bounding along beside her.


Fashion hound Pippa is a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel who often accompanies Becca Carter to work at Dress Consignment Boutique at Ridgewood Shopping Center.