Solar Eclipse


Solar Eclipse

by Liza Roberts

If you missed your chance to barbecue on Memorial Day or shoot fireworks on the Fourth, Solar Eclipse 2017 is your chance for a serious summer party.

As you may have heard, on Aug. 21, for the first time in 99 years, a total eclipse of the sun will traverse the continental United States. Starting in the Pacific Northwest and traveling southeast, the eclipse will dramatically darken the skies for a handful of minutes along a narrow, swooping path across 11 states including North Carolina. 

Though we’re closer to the action than most, Raleigh does not fall within the 70-mile-wide “path of totality” that will experience a total blackout. Still, our skies will dim dramatically for about three minutes at 2:45 p.m., when the moon’s shadow covers about 93 percent of the sun, something that hasn’t happened here since 1970.

A nifty online simulator created by Google and U.C. Berkeley ( can give you a sense of what our sky – or that of any zip code – will look like at different times that day. If you plan to check it out, you have to wear safety glasses to protect your eyes. They can be found at

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