Front Porch Art Walk

courtesy Gretchen Quinn

You can visit Oakwood and Mordecai neighborhoods for a progressive art show this month. The 10th annual Front Porch Art Walk pops up May 12. Helen Johnson and Lina Sibert, longtime friends and neighbors, founded the event to share local art with their community. One decade later, it’s safe to say they have.
Since its inception, the walk has grown from four artists to over 70, their work scattered on porches and driveways of Franklin and Blount Streets. Art includes Jefferson Garvey’s handmade birdhouses and Kim Kearney jewelry. Co-chair and potter Gretchen Quinn says the help of neighbors, artists, and the Person Street businesses make the event a success and give it a true neighborhood feel. Even if you don’t live down the street, the art walk is a charming weekend afternoon stroll. “The spirit of community is what makes the Front Porch Art Walk so special. When all of these hands come together it makes for a pretty magical day.”

For the past 10 years, the group has raised money for nonprofits like Hearts and Hands for Haiti, and Embrace Uganda. This year, raffle proceeds will be donated to the North Carolina Artists Foundation, which promotes children’s art programs.   Catherine Currin

10 a.m. – 5 p.m., rain or shine; free;