Did you Hear? Louis York and The Shindellas

Louis York and The Shindellas fill the Pour House with joy and motion.
Writing and Photography by Gus Samarco

Being a man about town and all, I couldn’t let myself sit home on a Friday night, so I headed to The Pour House to check out Louis York and The Shindellas

About the performance: Louis York is the musical creation of Claude Kelly and Chuck Harmony, who’ve worked with artists from from Celine Dion and Michael Jackson to Ne-Yo, Rihanna and Bruno Mars. Per their Facebook page:

Kelly and Harmony found themselves searching for one thing, and one thing alone: GREAT ART. Art they’re proud to introduce to the world. Music they believe does their rhythmic predecessors proud. And the two have tapped into their eclectic backgrounds and respective New York and St. Louis upbringings to do just that. Every lyric & vocal you hear is straight from Claude’s heart. Every sound a product of Harmony’s mind. But words simply don’t do the justice a play button can. So enjoy.

I was pleased to discover them just by popping in to The Pour House. Which reminds me: Did you know there are a number of venues in downtown Raleigh where you could catch live music ranging from Trash Metal to Americana and everything else in between, for as little as five bucks? Money should be no object when you’re looking for something to listen to!

Gus Samarco is a video engineer by day, photographer and man-about-town by night. Find more of his work on www.samarcophoto.com.