Did You Hear? Metallica

A man-about-town shares his favorite musical moments in this photo series.
Writing and photography by Gus Samarco

My first Metallica experience was in 1986 with the release of Master of Puppets. That album grabbed me by the ears and never let it go. 

Growing up in Brazil, I didn’t have the chance to see Metallica until 1998, when I first moved to the U.S. This past Monday was my 13th Metallica show, and the Four Horsemen didn’t disappoint. The show at PNC Arena was the largest attendance in a single-day event in the venue’s history.

It was nice to see James Hetfield dedicating the song Confusionwhich talks about the struggles of a veteran with PSTD—to our military.

Also, Kirk Hammett and Rob Trujillo have been doing a different duo in every town they play. This time they decided on a fusion of two Raleigh bands. DAG, and their long time friends CoC!  They played a mix of DAG’s Lovely Jane then morphed into Corrosion of Conformity’s Albatross, with Hetfield and Lars Ulrich joining in as well—here’s a clip of the performance.

Gus Samarco is a video engineer by day, photographer by night. Find more of his work on www.samarcophoto.com.