Let There be Light

NCMA opens its largest special exhibition to date

NCMA’s special exhibition space that is usually home to five shows has been taken over by one. Beginning April 7, you can experience You Are Here: Light, Color, and Sound Experiences, an enwrapping installation from contemporary artists worldwide. The installation will expand to the lobby and facade of the building, as well as through the Goodnight Museum Park. Linda Dougherty, chief curator at the museum, says there’s a wide range of technology within the art that includes light, color, sound, and video. “Some pieces are almost ‘low tech,’ while some use the most cutting-edge electronic technology out there.”

The work of the 15 artists will be on display until July 22, and Dougherty says the contributors take inspiration from each other. “There’s a range of very well-known artists as well as younger emerging artists who have been influenced by the older generation. Each artist has their own individual space or room, and you’ll see in a direct way how the younger artists were impacted.”

The most unique aspect, she says, is the immersive nature of the exhibit. “It changes the way you’re going to experience art. In this case you are going to walk into a room and experience art all around you, and some of the art doesn’t complete itself until you somehow interact with it.”   –Catherine Currin