Nooks & Crannies

by Jessie Ammons Rumbley

photographs by Madeline Gray

Even as downtown Raleigh grows, there are a number of carefully considered spaces meant for lingering. From the enclosed rooftop patio of Gallo Pelón Mezcaleria to Budleigh neighborhood’s shared grassy plot, these places serve as afterhours escapes, second living rooms, and creative workday offices. Cozy, edgy, sophisticated, outdoors – they run the gamut, offering both intimate and urban atmospheres. Sontina Barnes, pictured at left, moved back to the Triangle about a year ago from New York City. She’s now a regular at Raleigh Raw, “because it reminds me of my coffee shop in New York, even the music.” This handful of snapshots celebrates the nooks and crannies of downtown. Some might soon become “your” spot, others a new once-in-a-while destination to add to the list. Regardless, you can settle in and stay awhile.