Georgia O’Keeffe and Candida Höfer at NCMA

Georgia O’Keeffe, courtesy NCMA


Two unique women will show their diverse work at the North Carolina Museum of Art starting this month. Opening October 13 and running until January 20, 2019, the work of American modernist Georgia O’Keeffe and German photographer Candida Höfer will be on display in the museum’s East building. The Beyond: Georgia O’Keeffe and Contemporary Art and Candida Höfer in Mexico will be ticketed together, and curator Linda Dougherty says the museum is thrilled to have the two simultaneously. “We’re happy to have two really prominent female artists at the same time.”

Dougherty says Höfer and O’Keeffe “have really different media during really different time periods,” yet their impact as females seemed to work together. “The Beyond is a two-fold show. It’s a chance to see really iconic works by Georgia O’Keeffe, and also another side of O’Keeffe that people might not be familiar with,” she says. “The exhibition also includes 20 contemporary artists that are exploring similar ideas. Her innovation and legacy have continued to influence artists generations after.” Candida Höfer’s photography focuses on a 2015 project in Mexico City where she captured cultural spaces like libraries, churches, and museums. “These may be some of the most important photographs in the 21st century,” says Dougherty. Catherine Currin


Candida Höfer, courtesy NCMA

Georgia O’Keeffe, Flying Backbone, courtesy NCMA

Candida Höfer, courtesy NCMA