Raleigh Now Spotlight: Share the Pie

A Piece of the Pie

A sweet way to support the community

by Katherine Poole
photograph courtesy of Share the Pie

This month, Step Up Ministry and Alliance Medical Ministry want to put a pie in your face.

With a joint mission known as Share the Pie, the nonprofits aim to raise funds and awareness for the work they do to build stable families through access to employment and healthcare.

The Share the Pie project sells Thanksgiving pies baked voluntarily by some of the region’s top restaurants. A major success since it began two years ago, Share the Pie has experienced a groundswell of support through its viral social media campaign of pie-in-the-face challenges as well as the enthusiastic participation of local businesses, churches, and individuals.
Last year, Share the Pie raised $33,000. This year, with the help from volunteer bakers at Angus Barn, 18 Seaboard, Ashley Christensen Restaurants, K&W Cafeterias, Irregardless Cafe, Lucettegrace, Standard Foods, Winston’s Grille, StepUp, Alliance Medical Ministry, and many other restaurants and organizations, Share the Pie’s fundraising goal is $50,000.

How can you share the pie? Buy the pie! There are also numerous volunteer opportunities (sign-ups are available online) for individuals and groups interested in supporting this community-driven effort. Pie boxes need to be assembled, labeled, and delivered. Pies must be picked up from bakers, quality-checked and delivered to pick-up sites.

During this season of thoughtful giving, Step Up and Alliance Medical Ministry walk the talk: when we come together to support every person in our community, these groups attest, we can create enough pie for all.