Seen in Raleigh: #HopscotchBunny

hopscotch bunny

photographs by Tim Lytvinenko

Every year on the first weekend of September, thousands of devout music fans flood Raleigh’s streets and venues for the Hopscotch Music Festival. We hop around, drinking, dancing, and generally having fun. Though we may be in different physical spaces, we share the same mindset. The Hopscotch Bunny allowed fans an opportunity to embody this shared urban experience. Part art piece and part costume – but all fun – band members, musicians, restaurant owners, bartenders, photographers and journalists alike all became the Hopscotch Bunny. The collective Bunny used Port-a-Johns in City Plaza, took selfies with friends, ate tacos from a takeout window, danced with glow sticks at a rave, and played a tuba. -Jed Gant