Q&A with Sarah Powers


photograph by Kelsey Hanrahan

For our second Walter Snap Chat, we took a look into the colorful and always-funny mind of Sarah Powers. Powers is a Raleigh-based artist and executive director of the Visual Art Exchange, a nonprofit that fosters emerging local artists and garners support for their work. She’s also a mom to four-year-old son Max and is currently renovating a 1940s home previously rented to college students. (Beer bottles removed from the yard at time of publication: 67.) Here, she dishes on snacks, wishes, and her perfect day.

Favorite N.C. artist

This is too hard! I love all of them!

Raleigh is great because

There is so much energy around new ideas in
Raleigh. I love the freedom of a town where everything hasn’t been done before.

Inspired by

The people I work with. There is never a day without a new idea.

Secret weapon

I can climb things and run really fast.

Favorite bar / cocktail 

Hahahahaha. I don’t get out as much as I’d like, but have love for all the new local distilleries, especially Durham Distillery’s Conniption and Muddy River Distillery’s Carolina Rum.

Favorite restaurant / favorite dish

Whatever’s in my Blue Apron Box is my favorite.

Can’t resist

Home improvement television.

Just read

How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk. That book could solve all the world’s problems.

On your playlist

Podcast addiction. Recently, I have been listening to the This American Life Christmas Improv podcast on repeat.

Secret hideout

The Raleigh Rose Garden at Raleigh Little Theatre! Also, Waffle House on Hillsborough Street.


Changes hour-to-hour.

Never without


Perfect day

A little bit of everything in my life: boys, house, adventure, art, sillies.

Fatal flaw

Saying just a little too much, especially if the topic is exciting.

Favorite talent

Cracking a joke at the worst/best time.

One wish

Rooftop pool.

One more

World peace.

Life is good when

Everyone laughs at the hard stuff.

If someone had to describe me to to alien people

They’d send a video of me bringing the giant trash cans through the gallery, making lots of noise, and narrowly
missing the valuables.