Spotlight: Understated

Anthony Ulinski, Barns in Winter, Amherst VA #1.

Anthony Ulinski, Barns in Winter, Amherst VA #1.

by Jessie Ammons

Respite from winter’s busy pace can be found at the Upfront Gallery at Artspace, where a monthlong exhibition showcases two local artists’ paintings inspired by the season. Kiki Farish and Anthony Ulinski are familiar names to Raleigh art buffs, but Hush, Hush is the first time they’ve shown their work together. With different characteristic styles, the two used similar colors to create oil paintings that explore notions of winter.

Kiki Farish, Rooting, oil on panel, 22.5x14 inches, 2016

Kiki Farish, Rooting, oil on panel, 22.5×14 inches, 2016

The unifying palette is one of muted tones, but the works are peaceful rather than dreary. For the exhibition, Ulinski, who has a background in furniture-making and has most recently produced a series of landscapes and farmscapes as seen in eastern North Carolina, painted pastoral scenes capturing the pale light of cold mornings and the almost-monochromatic effect of a recent snowfall. In contrast, Farish, who often teaches workshops locally and has a studio in Artspace, uses loose brushstrokes to depict intricate, layered close-ups of wilting flowers.

Together, the exhibit invites contemplation about the season’s solitude and renewal. Time to schedule an afternoon art break.

Dec. 2 – 31; free but donations suggested, and a portion of donations support programming at Artspace; 201 E. Davie St.;