Take a seat

Last fall, GoRaleigh kicked off a design competition for city-wide bus shelters. Submissions were narrowed down to three finalists who created prototypes displayed at CAM Raleigh early this year. Albert McDonald led a 6-person team from local firm Clark
Nexsen to create the winning design, which was then further refined. It will take up to 9 months before this red modern bus stop is manufactured and ready for installation. Future new shelters built with this winning design will be partially funded by the sales tax referendum approved in November 2016.

“The GoRaleigh logo plays off a lot of things: It’s about linking things, making connections; it’s a literal interpretation of the Triangle … We took that notion of origami, unfolding, and connections, and reinterpreted it to something that is less literal … something really artful and sculptural and meaningful, that also provides a functional, workable shelter that meets the city’s criteria. … The final design is sophisticated but really simple in its approach. It’s just simply a folded plane, one you sit on and you sit under, that provides shelter and also creates a landmark.”

–Albert McDonald, senior architect at Clark Nexsen