Thinking Big

courtesy Ann Goulian

Enloe hosts student-run TEDx

Two ambitious teens want to foster positive dialogue at their high school. Enloe Magnet High School hosts its own TEDx conference this month featuring 13 speakers, a mix of students and community leaders, who will share personal stories about the theme More than what meets the eye. Sophomore Ann Goulian says the theme is especially about fighting pervasive stereotypes, every day in high school culture and beyond, post-graduation. She worked with fellow sophomore Sophie Hill and teacher Megan Justice to coordinate the panelists. “We felt that this theme was representative of our school, city, and neighborhood. We want to take the stereotypes that we are surrounded by all the time, and turn it into something that’s positive.”

Thanks to diligent fundraising, the after-school event April 13 will be free and open to the entire Enloe staff and student body. The girls plan to continue this throughout their time at Enloe, and are excited by the response they’ve gotten from their peers. “We hope students get something out of it, are inspired by our fellow students, and learn something about each other,” says Goulian.   –Catherine Currin