The First 10 Years of WALTER Covers

Since 2012, WALTER magazine covers have been a showcase of beautiful spaces, captivating subjects and quintessentially Raleigh moments. Peruse them all.
by WALTER Staff

Every cover of WALTER is a challenge: How do you choose just one image, just a few words or phrases, that encapsulate all the work that goes into each issue? Over the last decade, the team here has produced more than 100 magazines. Each issue is a universe unto itself, but taken as a whole, the covers start to tell the stories of how Raleigh has grown and changed.

On its covers, WALTER celebrates athletes and artists, musicians and philanthropists, entrepreneurs and craftspeople, leaders and savants of all stripes. We celebrate the spaces that are emblematic of our city, and capture intimate moments that move the conversation forward.

One recurring cover star: Sir Walter Raleigh. So far he’s shown up five times, always interpreted by a different local artist. Much like imagining the stories we’ll tell inside our pages each month, coming up with a new perspective on Sir Walter could be considered a challenge.

But just like there are so many good things to celebrate in Raleigh, there’s an abundance of talented artists to revisit his iconic face — and we’re not in danger of running out of ideas.

This article originally appeared in the September 2022 issue of WALTER magazine.