Triangle Now Spotlight: The Monti

courtesy Jeff Polish

Everyone has something to share, and Jeff Polish has been handing the mic to folks around the Triangle for more than a decade. He founded The Monti, modeled after New York City’s storytelling organization The Moth. “Our mission is to create community through the telling of stories,” says Polish. Whether it’s a curated storytelling series or a “story slam,” Polish says the local community’s engagement with the concept has steadily grown. “We’re doing something really important in this day and age: connecting people. In many ways, we don’t really have an intimate connection with many people anymore. I believe The Monti has succeeded because people are dying for something more intimate.”

Polish, who holds a doctorate in molecular biology, hopes to use his storytelling techniques to help others convey content with a relatable narrative. “The principles that guide my work are the same principles that guide any type of oral presentation,” he says. This June, The Monti will host one of its signature series, featuring curated speakers sharing their experiences with the community. You can hear for yourself June 16 at The Arts Center in Carrboro. If you can’t make it to their live events, The Monti also has a weekly podcast, featuring many of the live performances. “I’m proud that we’ve created a space where people feel safe to share raw material from their lives.”   —Catherine Currin