The Times They Are a-Changin’

Phillip Horwitz in front of his old Reliable Loan Pawn Shop. Berg says that Horwitz is pleased with his new location just a few doors down. He and his son Alan brought the neon signs and Reliable Loan clock along with all their goods to their new store to pay homage to their roots.

photographs by Christer Berg

As Raleigh grows, its downtown cityscape changes daily.

Photographer Christer Berg dusted off his 30-year-old Nikon F3 film camera and his medium-format Hasselblad camera to capture our current moment in time and the people making it happen.

From office workers to street sweepers, retailers to auto mechanics, barbers to jewelers, the old and the young, Berg got them all.

He photographed people putting new buildings up and tearing old buildings down. In just a few frames, he’s seized a fleeting moment in the life of our city.

When asked about her first name, Floye Dombalis of Mecca Restaurant says, “Well, I was supposed to be a boy.” She runs the restaurant together with her son Paul.

Window washing at Kimbrell’s, the downtown furniture store.

A construction worker at The Dillon.

Tim Williams, City of Raleigh street sweeper.

The interior of City Market Barber & Style Shop on South Blount Street.

Professionals working downtown take to the street.

Soon-to-be torn down Finch’s Restaurant on Peace Street.

John D. Boyette Sr. of Boyette’s Automotive Performance Machine Shop looks out his shop window on W. Martin Street. It has been a family-owned business since 1949.

The demolition of Reliable Loan Company. “It feels weird, but that old building had to come down,” says owner Phillip Horwitz.

A local hangs out in front of Hannah Stop ‘N’ Shop on South Wilmington Street.