This recent piece by Scott Nurkin is an unexpected fiery palette just a few blocks from Glenwood South.

Through the Lens:

by Jessie Ammons
photographs by Geoff Wood and Gibson Wood

“Buildings come in a few colors: brown, blue, and clear. Adding another layer of color is what, I think, art does,” says Jedidiah Gant of the Raleigh Murals Project. A media strategist by day with a background in architecture, Gant launched a trend a few years ago by “noticing blank walls in the city that I thought could use art on them. I started using the hashtag #PutAMuralHere.” The hashtag took off, and soon Gant teamed with his friend and fellow media strategist JT Moore to found the nonprofit Raleigh Murals Project in 2014. The project connects building owners with artists to make murals happen. “There was public art in Raleigh, but there was a gap and an opportunity to put color on walls. There’s something about the wall of a building. The architect in me believes that materials are beautiful, but there are some walls that seem to be asking for that layer of color.” So far, the mural project has helped bring about 35 installations to fruition, Gant says. Photographer Geoff Wood and his 9-year-old daughter Gibson, a budding lenswoman herself, captured a selection of them, plus a few other independent and recognizable Raleigh facades.