Tim Giuliani


“At the end of the day, a good job is key to people’s quality of life.”–Tim Giuliani, Raleigh’s new Chamber of Commerce president

by Mimi Montgomery

photograph by Travis Long

Not many kids want to be a chamber of commerce president when they grow up. But even at a young age, Tim Giuliani, 33, knew he wanted to be a leader in his community. “From the first grade, I was involved in student government,” he says. “I actually ran for treasurer and I couldn’t even really count.” That early tenacity paid off: In May 2015, Giuliani became the youngest person ever to be appointed president and CEO of the Raleigh Chamber of Commerce. He believes his age is an asset to his role as chamber leader: “By hiring somebody young it sends a message to young entrepreneurs, startups, emerging business leaders that … the future is here,” he says. “I represent that turning to the next generation for leadership.”

Giuliani was previously the president and CEO of the Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce in Florida. His time there prepped him for his transition to Raleigh, which has one of the largest chamber organizations in the Southeast. The move from Florida to Raleigh was a big one, but Giuliani says he wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. “To me, this is a very special place,” he says. “Not only is it a great place to live, it’s also a place that’s growing and is progressive.” And Giuliani looks forward to guiding that growth: He cites solid job opportunities as the number one determinant of municipal expansion.

As a long-time Floridian, Giuliani has a bit of trepidation about the winter. Thankfully for he and his family, Raleigh has a lot of indoor activities, too. “In February, there will be a lot of days at Marbles,” he says. His children Tyler, 9, John Parker, 6, and Analeigh, 3, are huge fans. “We got a membership … they love Marbles.” It’s these little things that make Giuliani glad to live and work here. “To us, this is a great place where we could raise kids.”