The Circus is in Town

photography by Gus Samarco

We’re all searching for magical moments: the extraordinary, moments that transport us from the mundane of daily life. Look no further than Imagine Circus.

Raleigh’s Imagine Circus is a full-service production company bringing circus and cirque-style entertainment to the Triangle, North Carolina, and across the United States. You can book a wide variety of acts for a private or public event, including fire breathers, aerial dancers, stilt walkers, fire dancers, live body painters, magicians, and fortune tellers.

Co-owner Liz Bliss says the company was created to further collaborate in the niche art form. “It was built out of a desire to create community and positive relationships in our hometown.” Bliss founded the circus with friends and colleagues Katie Bouterse and Kaci Torres. The trio owned two separate companies, and they decided to join forces in January of 2017. “We didn’t want to compete with each other,” says Bliss, “our goal was always a supportive and positive relationship.” Over a year later, the circus has almost 30 performers, and many are scattered throughout the country. As you turn the following pages, allow yourself to be transported to a boundless world of whimsy, creativity, and extraordinary performance. Bliss says she hopes that these unique performers inspire viewers to embrace joy and experience beauty. “Circus offers the opportunity for people to realize that we are all ordinary people doing extraordinary things,” she says. “It’s the constant reminder of the beauty that exists amongst the ordinary.” —Catherine Currin