Josh Bellamy’s Favorite Places to Eat & Drink

The co-owner of the niche bakery, Boulted Bread share’s where he goes for a quick bite, great cocktail and caffeine.
by Catherine Currin

For our 2023 Guide to Where to Eat and Drink in the Triangle, we surveyed a dozen food industry folks to find their go-to spots for everything from an elegant date night to a casual drink, to the best place to bring someone in from out-of-town. Boulted Bread co-owner Josh Bellamy was one of them. At his small South Street bakery, folks line up before opening to grab their famous flakier-than-flaky croissants filled with artisan chocolate or cream cheese, morning buns, currant scones and bread. Below, we learn where Bellamy goes for comfort food, a good cup of coffee and international fare.

Where do you go for a good craft beverage?

Stanbury. Whatever wine Sydney Nazerian is stoked on. Or the Chocolate-Chai Hot Chocolate from Escazu.

What’s your go-to dive?

The Goat. It’s the real deal.

Where do you go for a date night?

M Sushi. Incredible food but I can remain demure and coy.

Poole’s Diner

Where do you take an out-of-towner?

Poole’s Diner. Such a great introduction to our city.

What’s your favorite coffee spot?

Jubala. I go to the North Hills location every Monday. I go to the Hillsborough Street location when I need a quick fix.

Where do you go for brunch?

 State Farmers Market Restaurant or St Roch Fine Oysters + Bar.

Whose a chef to watch?

Clayton Ludwigson at Jolie

If you have to pick your last meal on earth…

Char-Grill. I’d order the double cheeseburger with mayo, mustard, chili and onions, fries, a medium Pepsi, and a loaded hotdog for dessert.

What’s a place that’s worth the drive?

Ronni’s Restaurant in Clemmons. Carpeted floors and delicious wings.

Do you have a favorite new spot?

I’m ashamed that I’ve not dined at Fine Folk yet. I’m sorry. And ashamed.

Where do you go for a meal to-go?

El Rey del Taco

What’s your weekday lunch spot?

Cold Off the Press to maintain my glow.

Where do you go for international cuisine?

Imperial Garden

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