Around town with… Kat Harding of NCMA

In this series, we poll our in-the-know friends on what they love to see, do, eat and more in the Triangle. 

Kat Harding, Public Relations and Social Media at NCMA

Writer and arts publicist, Kat Harding can be found at the Morning Times with a vanilla latte in hand or maybe Plate’s Neighborhood Kitchen for mimosas at brunch. The social media manager shares her favorites around the town, inviting you too to share in her secret spots!

What’s your favorite spot downtown? 

Morning Times! At NCMA, we’ve partnered with them quite a few times and always have had a blast. At our flower hands in promotion of Art in Bloom, they always supply me with the best vanilla latte.

Where do you go when you’re feeling a treat yourself’ day?

Brewery Bhavana! I celebrated my 30th birthday there with close friends and it was the perfect night of food, drinks and celebrating. Also, I will take any chance I can to pick myself a bouquet of flowers.

Keith Isaacs

What’s your hidden gem in Raleigh?

The Hopscotch day parties hosted at Kings cannot be missed! Theyre free, theyre incredibly curated, and youll walk away having seen something youll never get to see again! Its the bands chance to get experimental, play in a mixed-up lineup and have a lot of fun. Oh, and theyre free! I take off work just to make sure I dont miss the Three Lobed Records curated show.

Tough decision, Char-Grill or Snoopy’s?


What’s your go-to coffee shop and usual order?

Im a sucker for a vanilla latteMorning Times is a go-to! I also love to pop in Cup of Joe for a latte and then spend my lunch break browsing at Nice Price books, right next door.

Where is your favorite place to grab lunch?

Plates Neighborhood Kitchen is a spot I always bring out-of-towners to. Their mimosas at brunch cannot be beaten.

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What’s your favorite place for a weekday happy hour?

The Oak is such a great spot for a drink and half-priced bites. Its so close to the NCMA, its become an informal gathering spot! I also cant resist Hummingbird for a creative cocktail—they were one of our partners for our Georgia OKeeffe-inspired cocktails and their creation blew me away.

Is there anything else in town that you love and want to share?

I love Quail Ridge Books! My little sister went to NC State and Id visit her, always sneaking in a trip to Quail Ridge in their old location. Their new location is so inviting and snazzy. I’ve seen some great speakers and authors there.