Larz Robinson’s Favorite Places to Eat and Drink

The owner of Pine State Coffee shares the spots he frequents most from meals to-go to cocktails to coffee to date nights in Raleigh
by Catherine Currin

For our 2023 Guide to Where to Eat and Drink in the Triangle, we surveyed a dozen food industry folks to find their go-to spots for everything from an elegant date night to a casual drink, to the best place to bring someone in from out-of-town. One of those folks was Larz Robinson, the owner of Pine State Coffee. Below we learn where you can find Robinson when he’s not dishing up a great cup of java.

Photo Credit Bryan Regan, Longleaf Lounge

Where do you go for a good craft beverage?

Longleaf Lounge. Their rotating menu keeps the options fresh and they’ve always got something I’m excited to try.

What’s your go-to dive?

Wolfe & Porter. Always and forever! This used to be D3.

Photo Credit: Bryan Regan, Five Star

Where do you go for date night?

Element Gastropub or Five Star. My wife is vegan — me, not so much — and they have excellent options we both enjoy.

What’s your favorite new spot?

Longleaf Swine BBQ. I’m really stoked to get over there!

Where do you take an out-of-town guest?

Transfer Co. Food Hall. There are a lot of fun local spots in there, and some more great ones within walking distance.

What’s your favorite coffee spot?

Pine State Coffee. I’m a little biased but it’s my favorite place. If i’m not there, you can find me sipping a cup from the great folks at The Morning Times.

Photo credit: Bryan Regan, Benchwarmers Bagels

Where do you go for brunch?

It’s not often I get out for brunch these days, but Benchwarmers Bagels always comes through with those weekend bagels!

What would be your last meal on earth?

I’m gonna have to say the nachos at The Flying Saucer, but with chicken tenders instead of chips. With a Taco Pizza on the side and a few rare pints!

What chef is on the rise this year?

Chef Oscar Diaz at Cortez

What’s a place that’s worth the drive we should put no our radar?

Plant Cakes Bake Shop up in Wake Forest. I’ll ride my bike the entirety of the Neuse River Trail for their desserts!

Where do you for a meal to-go?

AM/PM Burritos. I would eat one of those burritos every single day!

Where do you go during the week for lunch?

If I’m not eating burritos or nachos, I’m probably eating pizza — especially at lunch. That means DeMo’s Pizzeria & Deli is getting a call.

What’s your favorite place for international cuisine?

Pho Far East!

What are you most excited about for this year in Raleigh, food-wise?

I’m just excited to be here! I know a lot of folks have some really cool stuff on the horizon, so i’ll be stoked to check those new spots out!

This article was originally published on on December 28, 2022