Locals: Debbie Cole

In this photo series, we travel around the Triangle to meet new people. This month, we visited the N.C. State Farmers Market.
Photography by Bob Karp

It’s good to be at the Farmers Market, you get to sample lots of things, you meet all kinds of people and you’re always getting in new products from many different places in North Carolina. Here we specialize in jellies and jams. Flags are also big sellers, and Chapel Hill Toffee, that’s locally made chocolate. The birdhouses are all made from PVC so they have a long lifespan and are a handmade product that we’ve been selling for 20 years.

Debbie Cole of Lillington, NC, employee of Joyce’s Gifts

Bob Karp is an award-winning photojournalist who recently relocated to Raleigh. Find more of his work at bobkarpphotography.com.