Thad Woodard and Smedes York Exchange a Final Smack-Talk for Boys & Girls Club of Wake County

Thad Woodard and Smedes York raise money for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Wake County by way of some friendly competition and a final exchange of smack-talk. 
by Ayn-Monique Klahre

For 40 years, Thad Woodard and Smedes York have led fundraising efforts for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Wake County’s annual campaign through a unique mix of genuine passion… and creative smack-talking. This spring, after raising well over a million dollars together, Woodard, the former president of the NC Bankers Association, and York, president of York Properties and a former mayor, will be competing for the last time. On June 30, they’ll crown the ultimate victor and let a new generation take over. They shared a sample of the repartee that has inspired their friends to open up their wallets—for a great cause—for decades.

     York: Since there are no rules, I’ve jump-started my campaign already.

     Woodard: I’m not surprised! You never have been one concerned about fair play. You may think you’re ahead now, but I’ll cross the finish line way in front of you and the crown will again be mine! I’m ready to talk smack if you are.

     Woodard: Actually, a “smackdown” might be more appropriate, since I’m sure my win versus loss record over these many years is far superior.

      York:Then how about this: you will go down like the Titanic.

     Woodard: The real Titanic was found by my friend, Dr. Robert Ballard of the Woods Hole Research Center in Massachusetts. It remains full of treasure. I may sink in this upcoming battle, but eventually, I will be raised up and my treasure—far beyond anything you can imagine or ever produce—will be brought forth for THE KIDS. That’s when I shall claim my justified victory!

     York: Then think of me as the iceberg.

     Woodard: Meaning..? A landing site for gulls, seals and other stranded creatures who proceed to defile that fresh white ice coating?

     York: Meaning that when you run into that iceberg in the form of a former mayor—DOWN, you will go.

     Woodard: Oh, I clearly understood. BUT… it was so far-fetched I responded in a way that gave no indication of how remote your disguised threat really is… 

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