Ral-o-ween: Some Hyper-Local Halloween Inspiration

To really impress your friends this year, consider creating a costume out of one of these Raleigh landmarks.
by Laura Petrides Wall | photography by Bryan Regan

Anyone can be a vampire, witch or movie character for Halloween — but if you want to really impress your neighbors, an inside joke may just be the key. We came up with a few ideas for costumes that just make sense here in Raleigh… but pretty much nowhere else.

Inspiration: N.C. State’s Free Expression Tunnel

This graffitied space underneath the train tracks on North Carolina State University’s campus is a favorite for selfies — but why go there, when you can just wear it?

Inspiration: NCMA’s Gyre

Thomas Sayre’s 1999 installation at the North Carolina Museum of Art’s park is so well-known, it’s now part of the museum’s logo. And we’re into immersive art.

Inspiration: Hillsborough Street’s Holiday Inn

Eyesore or icon? As the real estate debate rages on about the Hillsborough Street building, perhaps it would be best if we just let the trick-or-treaters decide.

Inspiration: Dix Park’s Sunflowers

Perhaps this past summer, you felt the euphoria of being one with the field at Dorothea Dix Park during a golden hour photo shoot. Recapture it with this costume.

This article originally appeared in the October 2022 issue of WALTER magazine.