Merry Moments: Photographs of the Holidays Around Town

These photos of festive figurines and quiet moments around Raleigh will put you in the holiday spirit.
by Ayn-Monique Klahre | photography by Bryan Regan

Just about every weekday for the last nine years, photographer Bryan Regan has taken a photo in downtown Raleigh on his way into his studio on East Martin Street. “It started because I was looking for a photo project,” he says, “I thought I’d just stop and take a picture on the way to work.”

The project turned into a daily practice, and also a challenge. “It’s really about trying to create something out of monotony, but also to realize that you don’t have to be in a ‘cool’ city like New York or Paris or Los Angeles to do something interesting,” Regan says. And over time, those glimpses into Raleigh streets, sidewalks, windows and parking lots reveal a city that’s changing by the day, and by the season.

Regan especially loves the holidays. “There’s excitement and electricity in the air when the lights are out,” says Regan. “Just everything is more festive.”

Regan has a whole shed full of retro Christmas decorations that he’s collect- ed over the years—“We decorate the house like crazy!”—and these often find themselves yanked out of the yard for a trip in the back seat, ready for a photo op. “I’ll bring whatever fits in the car, maybe it’s a Santa or a snowman,” says Regan, “but I also have some quirkier things like Star Wars critters and a Charlie Brown Christmas tree.”

So this holiday season, keep an eye out for a nutcracker strolling down Fayetteville Street before dawn or Santa looking like he just overindulged at Krispy Kreme—because Regan may be nearby, behind the lens. “I’m always walking around to see what’s out there, and I get excited to see the new things everyone puts out.

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