WINi 2018: Christmas Abbott

courtesy Christmas Abbott

Christmas Abbott is not your average fitness enthusiast. The CrossFit Games competitor, NASCAR Pit Crew member, and competitive weight lifter appeared in season 19 of the CBS reality TV show Big Brother. She lives in Raleigh and works as a “transformation guru,” offering nutrition and fitness programs based on her experience. Many of Abbott’s tenents can be found in her books, The Badass Body Diet and The Badass Life. Abbott says she has trekked through dark paths to find her biggest light: living a life of presence. She uses fitness to inspire others to find their light and their strength. At WINi, Abbott will speak about a new-to-her role: motherhood. In March, she announced on Instagram that she is expecting her first child – an announcement liked by almost 94,000 followers, as of press time. As a public fitness figure, “I’m excited to share my experience in this process,” she says, calling it a “wild, new journey.”