Did You Hear? Matisyahu Plays Red Hat Amphitheater

A man-about-town shares his favorite musical moments in this photo series.
Writing and photography by Gus Samarco
Mixing spiritual tones, reggae, beat boxing and plenty of improvisation, Matisyahu delivered a great show at the Red Hat Amphitheater this past Saturday.
It was a beautiful night for a show! They opened for Slightly Stoopid.
In addition to frontman Matisyahu, the band features original Stubbs guitarist and longtime staple of the downtown New York improv scene Aaron Dugan, Dub Trio bassist and long-time Matisyahu collaborator Stu Brooks, percussionist Joe Tomino and Virtuoso keyboardist Big Yuki.
Gus Samarco is a video engineer by day, photographer by night. Find more of his work on www.samarcophoto.com.