The Whirl: King of the Court

On June 4, the Raleigh Tennis Association hosted the King of the Court Pro-Am Fundraiser, part of the Cy King Summer Classic, at North Hills Club. Proceeds benefitted the Cy King Community Tennis Fund, which offers grants for local tennis programs and high school students. 

Julie Dick, Cy King
The Ams: Julia Perkins, Emily Cutts, Donna Bauman, Sue Norcia, Stephanie Johnson-Disbrow, Erin Swindell, Howard Marsilio, Amanda Davis, Steve Riley, Raymond Xu, Bill White, Liz Sanchez, Kimberly Durland, Betsy Wood-Ehrenberger, Eli Sheets, Lou Welch, Emily Wood, Lucy Holding
The Pros: Bailey Gosselin, Beatrice Capra, Brad Pomeroy, Carlos Garcia, Caylan Ashworth, Heather Waters, Lilo Pelegrino, Liz Perkins, Kyle Spencer, Quentin Guichard, Brian Rosenthal, Joanna Nalborska, Cris James, Tom Eklund, John French, Jay White, Tendai Tapfuma, Matt Nicholson