Moore Square Re-Opens


The first weekend in August, Moore Square reopened its ample walkways after a two-year renovation. One of the original city parks envisioned by surveyor William Christmas, the four-acre plot has been transformed with a generous lawn, oak-shaded perimeter, burger joint and daily programming around fitness, kids, art and more to draw crowds once again. “We want everyone to enjoy the park, whether they live downtown or are just visiting for the weekend,” says Jenna Kostka, the park’s director, who notes that this is the only park in Raleigh with an events manager. Around the park, you’ll find nods to the past, including inscriptions of quotes and historical notes in the granite thresholds and a table topped with a slab of oak from a tree cut down in the makeover. Kostka’s favorite quote comes from an archival The News & Observer piece that likens the park to the city’s lungs. “Because that’s just what the park is—a spot where you can go and breathe.”