Turn your Bathroom into a Home Spa with these Local Finds

Pamper yourself with these local products for the perfect relaxing bath or spa day this winter. 
by Emily Clemente and Cady Smith

Give your bathroom all the spa vibes for a place of relaxation with the help of these local shops. With some local spas closed, embrace these do-it-yourself days.  We’ve put together a list of local businesses offering all the essentials from hair treatments to soaps to candles. 

Where to find soaps

Anders Natural Soap Co. has a wide selection of fresh and rejuvenating soaps all sourced with natural ingredients from Scandinavia. Try their Charcoal and Tea Tree organic facial soap, or any of their body bar soaps such as Arctic Wild Lingonberry and Northern Nordic Ice for a gentle splash of cool on your skin.

At Mantra Soap Co., you can find marbled handmade vegan bar soaps in a variety of colors, shapes and fragrances. You’ll enjoy everything from their summer-y Wah-Wah Watermelon to their festive Holly Berry and earthy Sandalwood.

Carolina Soap Market offers cut soaps designed in elegant patterns and colors all based on the fragrances of home and inspired by our state. With soaps such as Outer Banks Breeze, Coastal Carolina and N.C. Gardens, be transported to N.C.’s most relaxing locations by way of a calming bath.

Need soaps for the whole family? Moondance Soaps and More has soaps for everyone with products such as “Baby’s First Calendula Bar Soap” and “Bay Rum and Mega Spice Soap for Him.”Their selections are perfect for those with sensitive skin, and contain natural ingredients like goats milk, almond, and coconut cream.

Where to find candles 

There’s nothing quite like the flickering of a candle and the smell it gives off while soaking in the tub. Raleigh has no shortage of City of Oak made candles makers that can easily be found online. From Light is Love soy wax candles sold all over the triangle to these adorable Etsy finds. Leave it to Edge of Urge to sell these Magic Fairy ones.

Where to find towels

Eager to make the switch to lightweight stylish Turkish towels? Check local shops Raleigh Vintage and Gather Goods.

Where to find moisturizers, body lotion, and scrubs

 Amiya’s Sassy Soaps and More, created by 8-year-old “kidpreneur” Amiya McPhatter offers sugar scrubs and body butter to gently exfoliate and moisturize in a variety of sweet-smelling scents like cotton candy, brownie and rice krispy.

Silky Radiance has a selection of natural body moisturizers made with almond oil, coconut oil, and beeswax. Try one of their fragrant options like Apple Luxury or Lavender Romance or their No Scent option for something more subtle. Raleigh Apothecary offers soft and soothing body lotions in aromas such as Sea Island Cotton, Warm Vanilla Sugar, Cucumber Melon, with an unscented option as well. Be sure to check out their exclusive fragrance known as Lotion Potion by Lydia.

You can find a variety of botanical bath gels, soothing jellies, moisturizing oils and waterless lotions at Jinsa Essentials. Try their gentle and natural fragrances such as Honey and Shea, Natural Amber, Jasmine Ylang or Ginseng and Royal.

Don’t forget to keep your chocolate, tea and coffee stash full to complete the at-home self-care set up going all year round.