Lumina clothing

by Jesma Reynolds
photographs by Juli Leonard


The guys behind Lumina Clothing: from left, Paul, Barton and Justin.

For the creators of Lumina Clothing,  “dry goods,” a term for ready-to-wear clothing that dates back to 1742 England, connects their 2-year old business to North Carolina’s rich textile heritage. Based in Raleigh, Lumina was created after demand for neckwear made by founders Barton Strawn and Justin Carey reached beyond friends. The company’s name is a nod to the traditional cotton loom that was once the backbone of our state’s textile industry, and they have embraced the state motto “Esse Quam Videri” (to be rather than to seem) as one of their own. The four men behind the brand today are committed to participating in the local economy by sourcing manufacturers as close to home as possible. For now, that means South Carolina and New York, but their goal is to have everything based in-state. Expanding beyond neckwear and shirts, the Lumina guys are now creating leather goods and will soon launch a line for women. Their products are available exclusively on their website. For more information, go to


BS: I look to past eras for a lot of my inspiration. For more formal wear, I love the ,50s when tailored men’s clothing was the standard. For more casual inspiration, I love Americana style, focused around denim, durable goods, and classic colors and lines.

JC: I do what my girlfriend tells me.

PC: Band of Outsiders, look books.

Lumina Superior Dry Goods include ties, men’s shirts and bags.

PL: I’d say a casual Americana.


BS: I graduated from N.C. State University from the College of Design in 2010. I am currently in the MBA program at State as well, focused on entrepreneurial development.

JC: N.C. State, Engineering Department.

PC: Studied at Appalachian State University.

PL: N.C. State.


BS: It has to be my khaki twill safari jacket. It is such a versatile jacket and has lasted forever. In the fall I wear it almost every day: with a t-shirt on the weekends, or a button down and tie during the week.

JC: My Cook-Out t-shirt, only $2 when you buy a combo tray.

PC: Tweed Lumina tie from 2010.

PL: Worn-in, bootcut jeans go with everything.


BS: The Frightened Rabbit, The Lumineers, Mumford & Sons, Youth Lagoon

JC: My Black Keys station on Pandora.

PC: The Lumineers, Dr. Dog.

PL: Depends on the mood, but can’t go wrong with classic rock or Motown.


BS: My Corter Leather carabiner bottle opener.

JC: My Gerber pocket knife: never requires a reboot, has a infinite battery life, and gets great signal wherever I go.

PC: Am I allowed to say “my iPhone”?

PL: I think it would to be my grill.


BS: At the N.C. State Fair, my favorite food has to be the grilled corn just completely slathered in butter.

JC: Chocolate-dipped cheesecake in one hand and a turkey leg in the other.

PC: Anything from another country.

PL: Corn dog, or maybe a caramel apple.


BS: I guess my day job is still as a student. I am a full-time student in the MBA program at State, so most days you will find me in a classroom.

JC: Nuclear engineer.

PC: C. Grace cocktail Lounge/jazz bar. It’s more like a “night job”.

PL: Business Development Associate at Metabolon, Inc.


BS: It isn’t really a secret talent, but I love to run and actually use to run competitively until about halfway through my undergrad.

JC: Being awesome.

PC: I guess I’m pretty good at jumping over thing with bikes, skis and stuff like that.

PL: If I told you, it wouldn’t be a secret.


BS: The closest thing to a collection for me was started after we launched Lumina. People started giving me loom shuttles from around North Carolina. Now, anytime I go to a flea market or antique store, I look for old loom shuttles and bobbins.

JC: Beer mugs/glasses. I have shelves in my dining room lined with them from all over.

PC: Bikes, culinary equipment, outdoor gear, watches, treasure.

PL:  Women’s hearts…but in all seriousness, no collections really.


BS: My favorite local spot has to be Foundation on Fayetteville. The drinks are always well made, and the atmosphere makes you feel like Raleigh is just a little bigger than it actually is.

JC: Sadlack’s (while it’s still here) and Mitch’s on Hillsborough Street.

PC: Helios cafe, C. Grace cocktail lounge.

PL: The Hibernian, the back table by all the books.