The Devilish Egg

“Most people … want to spend time with whoever they’re coming to class with, and make something in the process.” 

–Jill Rossi, owner and founder, The Devilish Egg

There’s something for everyone at The Devilish Egg, an approachable makerspace of sorts. Founder Jill Rossi, who has a background in furniture and interior design, decided to open her personal work studio on Fairview Road as a semi-public space about a year-and-a-half ago. Now, there art classes and craft workshops for adults, as well as kids’ summer camps with themes like Slime Time (for first – fourth graders) and Media Mania (for fifth – seventh graders). Rossi is the sole instructor for every age, and it’s a role that comes naturally to her, she says: Before she whisked up The Devilish Egg, Rossi taught design at UNC-Greensboro.

Rossi says that many people, especially adults, don’t feel creative when they aren’t working in a creative industry. The Devilish Egg is her remedy. “What we want to do is reconnect people with the physical world. Most adults haven’t done art since grade school. I wanted to be able to connect that in an accessible way.”

A unique alternative to the classic girls’ night out or date night, you can sign up to create anything from a ceramic mug to a seasonally themed bath bomb. Class prices typically range from $35 – $50 per person, and Rossi hopes the wide array of choices and prices gives everyone an opportunity to create. They’re also BYOB, in case you need a bit of liquid courage to get the creative juices flowing. “We’re hoping to create a little bit of magic when people come in for an hour or two. … People who don’t think they are creative can be creative, and be proud of what they’ve made.”  –Catherine Currin

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