Plant care with The Zen Succulent

Owner of Raleigh’s newest plant haven The Zen Succulent, Megan George shares her favorite plant care tips with WALTER this month.

Allie Mullin photography

1. Prep your indoor plants for the fall:

The most important part of prepping your plants for fall is to treat them for pests, ideally before the pests arrive. If you’re bringing plants in from the a summer outside, be sure to check for any creepy crawlies they may have acquired. Most pests can be easily treated and prevented with neem oil.

2. Care for your succulents

Succulents will thrive given the right amount of light and water. Most succulents come from arid desert regions, so watering them once every 1-2 weeks (depending on pot size) is enough. As for light, they appreciate bright indirect light for at least 4 hours each day.

Allie Mullin photography

3. How to repot a house plant

Though the word “repotting” strikes fear in the hearts of many new plant parents, it is simpler than it seems. Just remember to be gentle, use fresh soil, and be sure to water after repotting (roots don’t like to be exposed to air for prolonged periods and will want a post-workout drink).
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