What I’m Doing: Lisa Grele Barrie, executive director of Raleigh City Farm

In life as in work, the executive director of Raleigh City Farm turns to nature to nurture her spirit. 

courtesy Lisa Grele Barrie

Lisa Grele Barrie is the Executive Director of Raleigh City Farm, a nonprofit farm on a one-acre site in downtown Raleigh. Grele Barrie is digging deep (literally and figuratively) to find a sense of calm these days. Grele Barrie shared with us how she is staying out of the weeds:

Get Outside
Springtime in North Carolina is magical. I start each day by observing the explosion of color and fragrance from azaleas, dogwood, hyacinth, daffodils, redbud, wisteria and more. Before getting out of bed, I pause and listen to the birdsong. By watching new growth emerge on a daily basis and taking deep breaths of fresh air, my mind, body and spirit feel more calm.

Dig in the Dirt
Join me in putting on your gardening gloves and getting out your tools and shovel! Research has suggested that touching and breathing in certain soil bacteria may improve your health and well-being. Putting on my overalls and pulling weeds at Raleigh City Farm has given me greater purpose and hope.

Grow Something
My home is filled with plants inside and out. One of my greatest joys is tending them, watching them grow and then harvesting them for myself and others. I rarely leave home without some sort of bouquet; recycled glass containers work beautifully! My weekly ritual of filling vases with flowers keeps me grounded.

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