Did You Hear? Halfway to Hopscotch

A man-about-town shares his favorite musical moments in this photo series.
Writing and photography by Gus Samarco

You can’t possibly live in Raleigh and not be into Hopscotch—or maybe you’re not, but I certainly am!

Nearly 10 years have gone by since the first Hopscotch Festival and of course we couldn’t wait util September to get here, so Hopscotch threw us a “Halfway to Hopscotch” party for us super-fans to celebrate being a mere six months out from the musical festival.

The party was held outside at the R&D Brewery, a faithful Hopscotch sponsor, and featured performances of The Nude Party, Tonk, Reese McHenry, Lonnie Walker and Indigo De Souza.

Yours truly caught up with Reese McHenry and The Nude Party on stage.

The performances attracted music fans and their families on a sunny spring day. We can’t wait for the bigger festival this September!

Gus Samarco is a video engineer by day, photographer by night. Find more of his work on www.samarcophoto.com.