Around Town with…Halsey Merritt, Short Walk Wines

As a longtime local, we were dying to hear from Halsey Merritt, the general manager and wine aficionado behind Short Walk Wines. We love hanging with her in her quaint shop on Martin Street, swapping recommendations for where to eat and what to do. Here are some of her very favorites: 

Bryan Costello

What’s your favorite place (or places) downtown?

Short Walk Wines (I had to! I believe in our shop!). But Stanbury is always at the top of my mind for anything, food, drinks, alone time, et cetera. Not sure if you consider that downtown but… I don’t care! I also enjoy walking through Moore Square now, too. It’s nice to have it back open. I don’t get to go often, but I do like to catch a show at King’s every now & then. I always have a good time there.

Where do you go to treat yourself?

Again… Stanbury, but I do love pizza, so I’ll go to Oakwood Pizza Box on Fridays sometimes, and if I am feeling like a fancy gal I will head to Faulisi in Cary. I love their pizza and I think that area continues to grow, so I like to pop over there every once in a while to see what I’ve been missing. I also can’t wait to try Jolie & Pooleside Pies, I’m sure they will become new favorites. Sometimes, I feel like hopping over to Durham! I grew up there, but it is fun to go back to see all the buzz. Anything new seems like a treat. 

Do you have a hidden gem?

I love Oakwood Cafe—the food is Cuban and Argentinian. I always eat too much of their hot sauce, but I have no regrets. 

Chargrill or Snoopy’s?

Char-Grill. Tricky question though.

What about a coffee shop? What’s your order?

Cup A Joe. Short double, in a mug (reduce your waste! Bring your own mug!)

Grabbing lunch? Where do you go?

I’m a sucker for a Beasley’s chicken sandwich & mashed potatoes. El Rodeo is also my guilty pleasure. Both places are always quick and kind.

You just got off work—where do you grab a drink?

I’m not usually free until around 8 p.m. most evenings, but I rotate between a few spots when I can: Person St. Bar, Apero, & Transfer Co. I can always count on seeing someone I know which fun. I don’t mind seeing dogs I know, too.

What’s somewhere under the radar that you love?

Humble Pie is always fantastic, I love it. There is something special in every corner of our city, though. One day I will have tried everything!