Around Town with…Jennifer Dasal, ArtCurious Podcast

Not only is Jennifer Dasal curating contemporary exhibits at the North Carolina Museum of Art, she’s the host of ArtCurious, the podcast aimed at making art history more fun. It was even named on Oprah Magazine’s list of  “Best History Podcasts.” We asked Dasal a few quick questions to find out what the art scholar loves about our city. Check out her picks below. 


What’s your favorite spot downtown?

The Green Light (but shhhh, it’s secret, kinda not really)

Where do you go to treat yourself?

The Umstead for a spa day—and I stay from open until close.


Tell us your hidden gem

Pho Far East on Capital Blvd. I love pho with all my heart, and have a soft spot for this place’s bubble tea and the painting of galloping horses with (inexplicable!) six-packs.

Char-Grill or Snoopy’s?


Where do you grab coffee? What’s your order?

Jubala; a breve latte (it’s keto, y’all)

Favorite place to grab lunch: 

I want to eat ALL the stuff at Guasaca every single day.

You’re leaving NCMA at the end of the day—where do you grab a drink?

The Oak on Lake Boone Trail, especially for half-price wine night on Thursdays– also, their fried Brussels sprouts are everything to me.


Anywhere else you love?

Heirloom! Is there a prettier, more serene place to grab a tea, a coffee or a cocktail? (Or all three?)