What I’m Doing: Maggie Kane, founder of A Place at the Table

Maggie Kane, founder of A Place at the Table, is still feeding others—and her own needs, as well. 

photograph by Joshua Steadman

We caught up with Maggie Kane (she’s a busy woman—we were so grateful to catch her!) to ask how she is keeping herself energized so she can keep doing the good work she does so well at A Place at the Table, Raleigh’s own pay-what-you-can restaurant that serves all members of our community regardless of their means.

Her game plan? A little hustle and flow.

Staff of A Place at the Table ready for air hugs. Courtesy Maggie Kane

What am I doing every day?

Serving dignified, delicious food at A Place at the Table curbside! I am here daily air hugging people through cars or 6 feet apart and serving over 250 meals a day to people who can’t afford it!
P.S. that also means I am consuming all the coffee cake, clubs, & coffee possible!

What am I cooking?

I’m not! I am supporting all the awesome restaurants in this community, like so•ca, kō än, Cantina 18, & Weaver Street!

What am I binge-watching?

Younger. Anyone else? My roommate (Emily Sexton, owner of Flourish Market) and I are obsessed and watch it every night.

What am I doing when I am not binge-watching, eating or working?

YOBA online yoga videos, podcasting Trevor Noah, and getting stair workouts at A Place at the Table (when we are closed).