Nominate a Giver!

Suggest a person you admire to be featured as a Giver in a future issue of WALTER magazine.

At WALTER, we have always enjoyed sharing the wonderful organizations in the Raleigh community for our long-standing Givers column. We’ve covered an organization that drives around passing out meals and books to children, a non-profit adding NC deer meat to food pantries, and a horticulture job training program. It’s clear: good comes in all forms.

We want to share even more stories of individuals doing good in our community. We’re looking for the quieter, unsung heroes who deserve recognition: the tireless volunteer at an organization, an inspirational teacher or a generous neighbor. Especially in these last few weeks, it’s been amazing to see how people have stepped up to help their friends, local businesses and wider communities. However, note that this story isn’t limited to only COVID relief—anyone performing acts of service is a Giver. 

Have someone in mind you feel deserves to be recognized? Show them your gratitude by filling out this easy and quick form. We will include as many people as we can.